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Our Story

Hi! I’m Stephanie!
I am the owner and founder of PaulaMax Jewelry. 
I am Paula’s daughter and Max’s mom.  
Stephanie, Owner & Founder of PaulaMax Jewelry

This is our story... 

I was born and raised in a small town on the outskirts of Cleveland, Ohio. Coming from a low-income family and living in a trailer, I always knew I wanted something more for myself. I didn’t enjoy school, particularly with teachers telling me what to do and when to do it - you know, typical teen angst. Well, that angst never left me and after experiencing what the ordinary workforce was like, I realized that nope, that is not for me! I needed to be my own boss, work by my own rules, and live by my own terms.  

Fast forward years later to when I became a mom. Max is the energetic light of my life who also struggles with ADHD, ODD and impulse control. As any parent knows, it can be quite a handful to juggle kids, work, and other responsibilities all at the same time. So, I knew I would have to start something that I could do from home and still be available to him at the same time.  

I was struck with the loss of my mother at the age of 17. I wanted to find something, particularly a piece of jewelry, that I could not only carry the memory of my mom, but also celebrate Max. However, out of all of the jewelry out there, nothing was what I was truly looking for. I wanted  jewelry that was durable, wearable, and not too expensive; but still held the same value and integrity of the other higher priced jewelers out there.  

So, in 2016, I took matters into my own hands and created PaulaMax Jewelry! PaulaMax is my small jewelry business in which it received its name after my mom, Paula, and my son, Max. I chose to pursue specifically birthstone jewelry because I had 2 people in mind and each month holds a significant and unique meaning.


About PaulaMax Jewelry

PaulaMax exists to celebrate your loved ones that are current, past or future!

All PaulaMax Jewelry is made with genuine .925 sterling silver. Each piece can be personalized with optional engravings that include names and special messages of your choice that makes each piece unique and special to you or your loved one.

PaulaMax Jewelry is durable, wearable, and beautiful and is proven to withstand many of life’s adventures. As an active family ourselves, who go off-roading, camping, and swimming often, I only wanted to use metals that could withstand the elements and general wear-and-tear of whatever life throws at you. 

Each piece of PaulaMax Jewelry ships out quickly, comes with a FREE 3-year warranty on all metals and stones, and a how-to care for your jewelry guide to guarantee your jewelry will last a lifetime! 

Stephanie and Max