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Free Poems & Message Cards

At PaulaMax we completely understand how hard it is to put into words just how much you love & care for someone. We have included below a collection of poems that can be used in various ways, like handwriting into a card that accompanies the gift to your loved one.

We will update this page to include more poems that are requested.

Have a poem request for us? Comment or DM us on Facebook or Instagram.


✅ TIP ✅
Can be adapted as needed:
"me/my" <--> "our"
"I" <--> "we"

"mom" <--> "grandma"




Mom, you are special
In every single way
I love you more than words can say
You are my rock, my guiding light
I am so grateful for everything you do
You make my world a brighter place
I love you, Mom, with all my heart
Forever and always, no matter how far apart




Mom, I bought you jewelry for Christmas
So you can wear my name with pride
And even when I'm not by your side
You'll have a piece of me with you always
To remind you of the love we share
I hope it brings you joy and comfort
As you wear it with grace and elegance
I love you, Mom, now and forever Merry Christmas!




Grandma, you mean the world to me
I am so grateful for all you've done
For all the love and care you've given
As I've grown up, year after year
You've always been there for me
A constant source of love and support
I hope there are many more years to come
Where we can share in all life's joys and fun
Thank you, Grandma, for everything
I love you more than words can say




Dad, you are my rock, my guiding light 
love you more than words can say
Thank you for always being there for me
Through thick and thin, through joy and strife
You've stood by my side, through it all
I am so grateful for your love and support
You are the best dad anyone could ask for
I love you, Dad, now and forever
Thank you for everything you do




Another year has passed us by
But our love remains as strong as ever
I am so grateful to have you by my side
To share in all life's joys and endeavors
You are my rock, my guiding light
Through every challenge and every trial
I am so blessed to call you mine
Forever and always, through every mile
Happy anniversary, my love
Here's to many more years to come
I love you now and always



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