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People often choose to give or exchange promise rings on special occasions. Promise rings hold different meanings for different people, but at the core, they are all the same - a symbol of love. With this type of jewelry, you are making your commitment known and expressing your love. Rings have been used as a promise made physically, and is a tangible reminder of the love between two people.
Celebrate your special relationship with your grandmother with one of our personalized gifts for grandma! Our collection for grandmothers includes timeless, engraved necklaces and birthstone rings. Explore all the ways to say “I love you” with these beautifully customized gifts made just for her!
Sterling silver is way more durable than pure silver! Pure silver tarnishes very fast if not cared for properly, while sterling silver does not tarnish as fast and you can go on with your day to day activities and still have a perfectly shiny ring! At PaulaMax Jewelry,we use a thick rhodium plating, which gives it that smooth, shiny, white gold color. Whether you are in need of a sterling silver promise ring, a Mother's ring, an engagement ring, or a necklace, we have exactly what you are looking for!

How one wears the Irish Claddagh ring can determine a lot about a person that you may not know; like relationship status. So how exactly does one properly wear an Irish Claddagh ring?

At PaulaMax Jewelry, we sell all of our jewelry online where customers do not get a chance to try a ring on before purchasing it. However, to help you out, we offer a Ring Size Guide and a Step-by-Step ring size test to let you determine which size would be best for you! 

Many people do not know the meaning behind wearing a ring on a certain finger. Whether that is something you think about or not, here is a look at the symbolism and meaning of each finger which may influence how you choose to wear your promise rings, engagement rings or everyday jewelry choices.