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What Is A Promise Ring?

A promise ring is a ring that symbolizes love, fidelity and a committed relationship - basically it means exactly what it is named. It is a promise from one person to another, and a symbol of love and devotion. While the idea of a promise ring as a pre-engagement ring is a modern concept, giving rings as a token of love and affection is an age-old tradition.

What  Is The Meaning Of A Promise Ring? 
The overall meaning of a promise ring is what you and your partner want it to be; as it can mean many different things. A promise ring's meaning for a girlfriend may be different than that of a boyfriend’s, or for any partner in general. However, you do not want the meaning of the promise ring to be misconstrued, as it may have a more significant meaning to one person in the relationship than the other. It is important to discuss the meaning of a promise ring to your partner so that you both are on the same page. 

History Of Promise Rings
The act of wearing promise rings goes back a long, long time ago… 

In ancient Rome, couples had to wait a certain period of time before marrying - so they would exchange rings as a sign of commitment to each other. Many believe this tradition was the beginning of the modern day  “engagement” and bears many similarities to the giving of promise rings today!  

In the Victorian Era, lovers would exchange acrostic rings with secret messages codes in birthstones/gemstones! Marie Antoinette populated this, as acrostic rings use the first letter of each gemstone to spell out words of affection. One of the most popular messages being ‘dearest’ set with (Diamond, Emerald, Amethyst, Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, Tourmaline). 

In the Middle Ages, lovers would exchange secret messages on posy rings. Posy rings were engraved short sayings (some religious, some amorous, some cute) and come from the French word ‘poésie’ which means poem. Just like today, posy rings were given as a promise of love and commitment. Many posy rings were engraved with anchors and were thought to be given by sailors to their lovers before journeying abroad. The tradition of engraved rings is still a thing today, as many promise rings are engraved with special dates, names, and messages of love. 

What Does A Promise Ring Mean For Couples?

Nowadays, promise rings are usually a sign that the relationship has taken a “step-up”. Basically going from “dating” to something more, but not quite ready for engagement or marriage. Other couples may never intend to marry, so they use a promise ring to signify the seriousness and long-term nature of their commitment to their partner. Also, if a couple is in a long-distance relationship, a promise ring may be a reminder of their partner until they are reunited. Young lovers may not have money to invest in an engagement ring, so usually in these situations a promise ring may provide an option to show love and commitment without breaking the bank. 

People often choose to give or exchange promise rings on special occasions. Promise rings hold different meanings for different people, but at the core, they are all the same - a symbol of love. With this type of jewelry, you are making your commitment known and expressing your love. Rings have been used as a promise made physically, and is a tangible reminder of the love between two people.

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