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What Is A Mother's Ring?

  • 1 min read

A Mother’s ring is a ring that represents the mother or grandmother of a family. Most of the time, a Mother’s ring is filled with birthstone and accents that represent the children or grandchildren of the woman herself. Mother’s rings are usually on the bigger size regarding shape, as they can hold anywhere from one to six stones at a time - some may even hold more! 

History of the Mother’s Ring
There really is no official story as to how Mother’s rings came to be, but there are theories. One theory is that the Mother’s ring was invented by a jeweler who had figured out a way to utilize small screws with stones that were arranged in the screws. He did this to place birthstones on top of the screws. This design was made so that a “mother” could wear multiple stones from their children’s birth month as a reminder of her family. This design became recognized as a Mother’s ring. 

Why Wear A Mother’s Ring
Many women wear a Mother’s Ring as a way to display pride in her family. Since a Mother’s ring is often colorful and adorned with birthstones of her children and/or grandchildren, it symbolizes a way to carry them with her for when they are not around or grown-up and out of the house. It also serves as a great conversation starter and proves to provide a polished look to any outfit! 

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