The birthstone for November is Yellow Topaz.Yellow Topaz symbolizes harmony and balance. Many believe that this jewel also represents empathy, serenity, and is a promoter of emotional stability and hospitality.Learn more about Yellow Topaz and check out our collection of November birthstone rings and promise rings we have available for you today!
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The unique and personal gift for significant others, an engraved anniversary gift or birthstone anniversary gift. We offer personalized birthstone rings and necklaces that are all ideal to give as a gift for an anniversary. 
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The birthstone for October is Tourmaline. Tourmaline has been said to be a stone of reconciliation, one that fosters compassion, healing and friendship. Tourmaline is used for grounding purposes, to stabilize and reaffirm one’s roots to Earth.Learn more about Tourmaline and check out our collection of October birthstone rings and promise rings we have available for you today!

At PaulaMax Jewelry, we sell all of our jewelry online where customers do not get a chance to try a ring on before purchasing it. However, to help you out, we offer a Ring Size Guide and a Step-by-Step ring size test to let you determine which size would be best for you! 

Many people do not know the meaning behind wearing a ring on a certain finger. Whether that is something you think about or not, here is a look at the symbolism and meaning of each finger which may influence how you choose to wear your promise rings, engagement rings or everyday jewelry choices. 

July's birthstone is the Ruby. The ruby is the red variety of the mineral corundum, colored by the element chromium..Learn more about Ruby and check out our collection of July birthstone rings and promise rings we have available for you today!