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November Birthstone Ring : YELLOW TOPAZ : The Precious Topaz

November Birthstone Ring : Yellow Topaz
November Birthstone Ring: Yellow Topaz


November’s birthstone is Yellow Topaz. Yellow Topaz is among the most remarkable gemstones. The name Topaz comes from the ancient Sanskrit language, which means “fire”. Yellow Topaz is well known for its golden color and sparkling clarity. The term “precious Topaz” refers to stones with a rich yellow to a medium peachy orange color.

In ancient Greek, society, Topaz was believed to increase one’s physical and mental strength. It was often used as a talisman to shield the wearer in cases of emergency. Egyptians had similar beliefs about this fiery, golden stone and used it to make amulets of protection and security. They believed the Topaz was the stone of Ra, the Sun God, and would be a blessing for his protection and favor. Moreover, in the Bible, Topaz is mentioned as one of the twelve gems in the breastplate of the High Priests. These stones, and topaz among them, are sacred and associated with the 12 tribes of Israel and the 12 holy angels who guard the way into Paradise

The smoky brown and golden tones of the yellow topaz are associated with the Earth and harvest. Browns and yellows represent the ancient planting seasons and the fertility of life. They evoke images of all things organic: i.e. the rich soil, harvest grains, and the sun which allows all the plants to grow. This is why topaz gems are symbolic of the outdoors and our natural roots. 

Yellow Topaz symbolizes harmony and balance. Many believe that this jewel also represents empathy, serenity, and is a promoter of emotional stability and hospitality. When wearing a yellow topaz, wearers are encouraged to practice forgiveness, relieve tension and entertain guests as the topaz will help foster an atmosphere of harmony, warmth and pleasantness. 

We can include a Yellow Topaz stone in any piece of PaulaMax Jewelry. Be sure to browse through our collection and get what you need for someone who has a November birthday, anniversary, honorable moment, or for someone who wants to wear the “Precious Topaz” all year long!

PaulaMax Jewelry: November Birthstone: Yellow Topaz

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