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Pet Memorial Jewelry: Remember Your Furry Friend

PaulaMax Single Stone Memorial Ring

Pet memorial jewelry is a unique way to preserve the memory of a family pet. 

Pets play a huge role in our daily lives and become important members of our family. When they pass away, they leave a huge void in both our homes and our hearts. 

Pet memorial jewelry is designed to celebrate the memory of your pet with personalized jewelry that carries the life you shared with your 4-legged friend! PaulaMax offers pet memorial jewelry with multiple design possibilities that can be customized specifically for your pet. We understand that grieving the loss of a pet is hard; so to keep your pet’s genuine love and companionship close to your heart, you can personalize any of our rings or necklaces with your pet’s name, pawprint, or gemstone. 

Whether you are creating a piece for yourself or as a pet memorial gift for a loved one, we can help you create the perfect piece of keepsake jewelry from our collection. We offer: 

Memorial Necklaces: Choose from a selection of finished necklaces ready to be personalized with names, dates or special sayings about your pet. 

Memorial Rings: Add your pet’s birthstone, your birthstone, your favorite color or favorite precious gem onto your ring. You can also personalize our rings with your pet’s name, dates or special sayings about your pet. 

Every memorial piece tells a story when personalized with stones, names, dates, and special sayings! When other people compliment your piece of memorial pet jewelry, you will have the opportunity to share a couple of treasured memories of you and your pet!

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