The Bridal Jewelry You'll Need For Your Big Day!

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When it comes to the day that you'll be celebrating with your significant other, there is nothing more wonderful than finding ways in which to join together and stand out. The best way for a bride-to-be to do this? Jewelry! We're not talking about just getting any old jewelry - you want something personalized (and of course gorgeous!). You don't have time on your hands during wedding planning; so let's simplify things by highlighting some easy tips when selecting pieces! 

Don't get overwhelmed! If you can't decide on your jewelry, find one piece that's absolutely perfect for the occasion and invest in it. Modern brides avoid accessories that look too matchy-matchy, so don't worry about mixing metals or styles - let your choice be guided by what you want!

Which metal will best complement your dress? Let the color of your gown guide you! If it's white, platinum or silver jewelry is a classic choice. If it's ivory, gold complements this creamy shade well. For light beige dresses, go with golden pieces to enhance those warm tones in champagne shades (silver also works for antique-inspired looks). Finally, if your beautiful blush wedding dress needs some sparkles too - try rose gold which goes perfect with pink hues found on blushes and pinks.

Consider Your Decolletage! One of the best parts about a strapless or sweetheart neckline, is that you have plenty of décolletage to work with. This means your focal point should be in this area and making it pop will make for an unforgettable look. Try wearing a choker necklace or small birthstone necklace so all eyes are drawn to your face rather than disappearing into the dress like some other necks can do! If you're going for something more subtle, try layering pieces together. 

Don't Overdo It! If you're looking for the perfect wedding jewelry, don't go overboard with your choices and risk dominating yourself in a sea of bling on all parts of your body. Stick to only one or two pieces that will accentuate what's most important - YOU!

Be Yourself! The most important thing about picking the perfect pieces for your wedding gown is that they should be a reflection of who you are. If bigger pieces aren't really what you're into but smaller pieces work just fine, then stick to them! Big rings look great on some people and not so much on others- if it's something you love wearing around otherwise though, go ahead with it. The best accessory is feeling confident in yourself after all- which can only happen when every last detail shines through as authentic to the person inside. 

Here our some of our pieces we recommend for the BIG DAY! 

PaulaMax Bridal JewelryPaulaMax Bridal JewelryPaulaMax Bridal Jewelry

No  matter what style you choose, PaulaMax Personalized Jewelry has exactly what you need for your wedding day celebration! 

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