Story Behind the Ring: Memorial Jewelry

A Memorial Ring to Keep Loved Ones Close to You 

Have you lost your partner, friend, child, parent, or someone close to you? Then carry your loved one with you with a piece of jewelry that symbolizes your love. PaulaMax offers special tribute jewelry for either yourself or as a gift for someone else. 

So, what exactly is a memorial ring

PaulaMax Memorial Ring

A memorial ring is a ring that is either created from a loved one’s ring or a completely new ring. For example, the ring will often have the name of the person, the date they were born/died, and a “life motto”. However, you can design and put whatever you would like onto the ring itself.

Our memorial rings can have anything engraved into them. It goes without saying that the ring must be beautiful and special, and usually incorporate elements that were meaningful to you both. We specialize in birthstone rings where you can include you and your loved ones' birthstones. Or, maybe your loved one liked a certain saying or had a saying they would always say to you - we can engrave that into the inside of the band, so you always have that memento with you. The jewelry can make a statement or be designed in a way that specifically suits your relationship between you and your lost loved one.

The memory of your loved one takes precedence above all when choosing a memorial ring or piece of jewelry. An eternity ring can become a symbol of your eternal love for each other, while a unique birthstone necklace could commemorate a lost child.

PaulaMax Jewlery: Birthstone Babyfeet Necklace

Any piece is a way to stay faithful to the image you want to carry with you. Pretty yet sturdy, and subtle enough to wear anytime, our memorial rings and/or necklaces make a lasting memento that you can wear everyday!

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